The golden middle of training

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Our dogs are an important part of both our lives and the lives of those who surround us. The owner is responsible for everything that their dog does. In general, the behavior of dogs defines the relation between them and society. A dog will behave exactly the way that they were explained to.

Novice dog owners often assume that the dog is so smart that he understands human speech. Yes, it does, but in its own way. Here is an example. My neighbour has a very cute dog that barks at me and my dogs for the past two years when we meet during a walk. This type of behavior can be corrected at a very early age by simple, but firm prohibition “Fui” or “No”. But the lady is absolutely in love with her dog. With sincere love in her voice she always say: ” Well, my good girl! It is not necessary to bark on them! ”  And what the dog hears? “Good girl – that’s me! I am doing everything right and my owner approves it!”

So, the most important thing in teaching and training is to recognize if your commands and actions are clear to the dog.  During your training, treat your dog as a dog, not as a person, in other words, try to see yourself from the dog perspective. For the hundredth time I repeat: if you have no experience – consult with experts on training, and eventually you’ll be able to properly train your dog.

In training, as in any other business, and especially when involving a living creature, do not go to extremes, but stick to a golden middle rule.

The most serious mistakes lay in two opposite poles. At one extreme, there is a perception that the dog can do whatever he wants, because this is an animal and its natural desires can not be infringed. On another – training based on a rigid drills, after which the dog sneezes and pees on command only.

Fans of the first methods are often said: “My dog does not allow grooming, because he does not like it. OK! Let him walk dirty and ungroomed. Let him run freely down the street, so he can be hit by a car one day. As for the second category, here you can often find not beginners but professionals. Looking back on my biography as a trainer of my own dogs, and watching how others train from the side,  I want to appeal to some dog owners, and get them to think about a reasonable distinction between the fair training methods and blind fanaticism which, one way or another is associated with the violence.

We admire great performances of the dogs in the competition. But sometimes behind it unacceptable attitude towards the dog. There are lot of trainers who are strive for victory in the competition, sometimes completely forgetting that they are dealing with a living beings.

It’s bad when the dog generally does nothing, but probably much worse when it trained too fanatical.

I personally love watching the excellent work of well-trained dogs in competitions. This kind of work that based on the fair treatment of the animal, the work that shows love, spirit and a bond between a dog and a human. But not the one in which a trainer losses any human appearance, literally spewing bestial growls in the process of obtaining victory laurels.

I have had dogs after those whom I once mercilessly drilled. The result of fanatical training is that the dog is in constant expectation of the command as if asking what to do every second. With such perfect obedience they try to stay away from the me as soon as the activity ended. Over time, or rather, with age, I started to raise my dogs in a different way: I am happy if my dog listens to me in certain situations, to ensure its own security, as well as not to cause trouble to others. Knowing that my dogs if necessary fulfill my commands, depending on the particular case, I am pleased to see how they enjoy life and my company.

The dog should be comfortable in a modern life, and as such well mannered and controlled. Dogs extend and decorate our lives, giving us the opportunity to engage with them in different sports and activities. I wish every dog owner to find  that golden middle, where you and your dog are equally happy.


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