Rally-O Competition hosted by Battle River Canine Association


Date: October 28, 2018

Location: Camrose


We are very proud of you ladies!! Congratulations!

Day 1
Dallas and Luna won high in class in advanced A out of 8 dogs with a beautiful run of 97.
Dani and Brick earned the first leg of their Rally Advanced/Excellent title with 92 in excellent and 93 In advanced.

Day 2
Dallas and Luna got 2nd in class in Advanced A with an 81 out of 7 dogs.
Dani and Brick got a triple Q with a 94 in masters, 81 in excellent (handler error), and 92 in advanced.

Day 3
Dallas and Luna earned their Rally Advanced title with a high in class score of 94 out of 8 dogs.
Dani and Brick earned a leg towards their RMX title and a leg towards RAE title with 89.5 in Masters, 93 in excellent, and 96 in advanced.

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