Bribery vs Selective Reinforcement

Small pieces of food are a good basic encouragement for dog training; yet, the question of the day is:  will I always need to carry food with me so the dog obeys me? In the very beginning of the [...]


How to choose responsible ethical breeder

by Cassandra St-Pierre Lately we have been getting a lot of messages of people looking for recommendations on German shepherd breeders, or how to spot who is responsible and who is not. They see [...]


The power in observation

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” –  Albert Einstein When you are training a dog with a coach supervising, there are so many distractions [...]


Choosing a dog- myths and reality

“I want to get involved in a sport, want to learn and looking to purchase a puppy, but I want something “normal” and easier to learn on. Your dogs are crazy…” It can be very disappointing when a [...]


Value of IPO Trials

What is the value of IPO (Schutzhund) competitions? This is a very honest question. The answer to this question is the reason why so many handlers, breeders, and trainers work tirelessly to [...]


IPO Tracking

IPO tracking is a test of the dog’s scent detection ability under a controlled environment. It assesses the dog’s ability to follow the scent in a precise manner and also tests mental and [...]