Intro to IPO Evaluation
Feb 17 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

The Evaluation Process – In an evaluation, we will be testing the overall temperament, food and prey drives, grip, and general interest the dog has in doing work with the handler.

Your Job As Handler- The most important job you have is to listen to the Trainer instructions while you handle your dog!

What if my dog doesn’t pass the test?  Don’t stress just yet! Just because a dog doesn’t pass the evaluation doesn’t mean you should give up.   Ultimately the sport is a heritage-working-ability test designed to test the German Shepherd Dog – and not all dogs are temperamentally or physically suited to do it. There are many other options you can explore and be successful .

What if my dog pass the test? We much new teams with our Intro to IPO instructors who will be guiding and coaching new teams for the next 2 month.

Does participation in Intro to IPO guarantee full membership at K9Force? No. Intro to IPO is designed as an additional level to evaluate the Handler-Dog Team. During this period,  participation in club training sessions and their activities,  attitude towards the club, its goals, and its members, and  attitude towards the training itself is observed. These observations will play a part in the decision making process, should potential new club member decide to apply for full member at the end of 8 weeks period.

Registration: http://k9force.ca/registration/


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