K9Force achievements are measured across an annual cycle that begins each January. This page describes our member individual achievements and the collaborative club achievements


Once again, K9Force Team put up some great performances this year! More BHs and 3 new IPO1 titles! We completely dominated the Regional Sieger Show, not just supporting our Region with the highest amount of entries per club, but also promoting what we stand for- Team Work, Trust, Commitment, and Accountability for each other’s success>

Handler's NameDog NameTitle Received
Cassandra St- PierreXtris AsiaIPO1
Isabella OxsengendlerXtris AzelleIPO1
Zamir Martins FilhoWitch von Lucescu IPO1
Dani Armstrong
Dani Armstrong
Kelly SchriverMeshaBH
Stephanie De WolffAbbey Za KogovsekBH
Reanne Heuston
Nautica’s Cdn Highway PatroBH
Olga Gossen-Cattoni
Dobrila Faust
Jason OrbaughKensington von ImmerstarkBH
Olga Gossen-Cattoni
Dobrila Faust
Olga Gossen-CattoniDobrila FaustOB1
Dani ArmstrongMiss Storm vom AsintayAD
David NisbittAlphapack’s AnayAD


The K9Force Team put up some great performances this year! With 9 total teams competing this meant that despite being a newest club in the Region, we were one of the highest performing clubs in the competition, if not the highest when you consider that 99% our members are completely new to the sport.

Hanlder's NameDog NameTitle Received
Isabella OxsengendlerXtreame v FelsenshlossIPO3
Isabella OxsengendlerXtreame v FelsenshlossIPO2
John LatourKiros Von SilvermereTR1
Zamir Martins FilhoWitch vom LucescuBH
Sheila MillsAme Magnanime Hugues Rebell AKA OdinBH
Leigh LockhartAlphapack's Rambo JrBH
John WhiteOhana Von WendelinBH
Isabella OxsengendlerXtris AzelleBH
Cassandra St-PierreXtris AsiaBH
Sheila MillsAme Magnanime Hugues Rebell AKA OdinAD
Leigh LockhartAlphapack's Rambo JrAD
Stephanie DeWolffAbbey Ze KogovsekAD
Isabella OxsengendlerXtris AzelleAD
Cassandra St-PierreXtris AsiaAD
Sashi MalikAbra's Kai von Hader HofAD


K9Force WDC opened its doors in March. So many  people came to check us out! We are delighted to see some of them stay and  progress to their main goal- trialing. Below is a list of the achievements our Teams have achieved in our short history

Handler's NameDog NameTitle Received
John LatourKiros Von SilvermereBH
Henry LeNero BH
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