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K9 Force Working Dog Club welcomes member as our own family.

President/ Training coordinator

Isabella Oxsengendler

Isabella is an attentive, thorough, and amazing trainer who puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. She started training dogs over 25 years ago with her first German Shepherd Muhtar. She trained him in obedience, agility, and many other tricks. They became best friend and builds a passion in her that lead to helping other build the bond with their dogs. As a young adult, she moved to Israel and started to work at “Beit Erez” kennel. During that time, she has the opportunities to train with many dog breeds with varying temperaments. She also had the chance to train and test army dogs.

After moving to Canada in 1999, she owned another German shepherd Picasso vom Amalaberg and joined a Schutzhund club in Quebec. The sport fascinated her and by age 3, Picasso earned multiple SchH3 and FH1 titles. In 2008, she became a training director of Club Schutzhund Rive Sud in Montreal where she trained her own dogs. She also worked closely with various Police K9 departments, preparing and testing dogs for them.

Currently, Isabella has four dogs, Crash von den Wolfen SchH 2, IPO3, FH, V, Kkl lbz, Xtreame vom Felsenshloss IPO 3, SG, Kkl lbz, HUSAR Disaster Canine Serach Level 2, Xtris Azelle IPO1, IGP3, V, Kkl who is her current competition dog and Xtris Cobra her newest addition and future competition prospect. She is also a breeder of working line German Shepherds under kennel name “Xtris”


Xtris Azelle IPO1, IGP3, V, Kkl, BHOT
2019- IGP3 -High IGP3
2018-West Regional Sieger Show and Breed Survey V3 (working class) judge Juergen Hoffmann (SV)
2018-IPO 1 Judge Lance Collins ( High in Tracking)
2018 Prairie Regional Championship -SG 1 judge Harald Hohmann (SV)
2017 Prairie Regional Championship -SG 2 judge Harald Hohmann (SV)

Crash von den Wolfen  SchH 2, IPO3, FH, V, Kkl1 lbz, HOT
2017 Prairie Regional Championship -Sieger V1 judge Harald Hohmann (SV)
2016 Prairie Regional Championship – 4th place
2016 Prairie Regional Championship -Sieger V1
2014 Quebec Regional Championship – 4th place, High in Tracking ( 98), V5, Universal Sieger
2014 Spring Trial- 1st place High in Tracking, High in Obedience, High in Protection
2013 WUSV- Philadelphia, USA
2013 Quebec Provincial Championship – 2nd place
2013 Quebec Regional Championship – 4th place, Sieger (V1), Universal Sieger
2012 TOP TEN Highest Scored SchH 3 Dogs in Canada – 4th place
2012 FH1- 95
2012 Quebec Provincial Champion (High in Tracking 98) Judge Lance Collins
2012 GSSCC National Championship – 8th place
2012 Quebec Regional Championship – Universal Sieger
2012 Quebec Regional Championship – Vice-Sieger- working class (V)
2012 Quebec Regional Championship – 3rd place (High in Tracking)
2011 Highest Scored SchH 2 Dog in Canada (96-96-98)
2011 Spring Trial SchH 1 (96-90-92) under SV Judge Thomas Lapp. High in Tracking, High in Obedience, High in Protection

Xtreame v Felsenshloss IPO3, SG, Kkl lbz / HUSAR Disaster Canine Serach Level 2, HOT
2017 Lower Mainland GSDC Trial IPO3 – 1st place judge Peter Rohde (SV)
2017 Prairie Regional Championship IPO2 – 2nd place with 96(V) in protection judge Harald Hohmann (SV)
2016 HUSAR Disaster Canine Search Level 2
2013 Quebec Provincial Championship IPO1 – 1st place judge Lance Collins

Picasso von Amalaberg SchH 3, FH1, V, Kkl1 lbz, HOT
2008 Regular Trial- FH1
2008 GSSCC National Championship – V working class & KKl1 judge Jans Peter Fetten (SV)
2008 Provincial Championship SchH 3 8th place
2008 Regular Show & Trial – 2nd place SchH 3 + V2 judge Karen MacIntyre (USA)
2008 Eastern Regional Championship – V3 (working class) judge Gabriel Pettinaroli (SV)
2007 GSSCC National Championship – SG1 (12-18 month) judge Ernst Seifert (SV)
2007 Ontario Regional Championship SG1 (12-18 month) judge Karen MacIntyre (USA)
2007 SchH 1 (90,80, 84) with High in Tracking, High in Protection and High in Trial under SV judge Reinhold Walter

Web designer

Virginia Chan

Virginia is a graphic and industrial designer who specializes in information design and product development. She is a member of Canada Task force 2 Heavy Urban search and rescue team, focuses on logistics. Virginia was first introduced to the team by Isabella as a photographer for Canine team’s training. After a few sessions, she developed an interest in working dog training and continues to assist regularly. She is currently anticipating the arrival of a new dog; her goal is to achieve basic obedience, IRO certification and join Canine search team.

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