2017 – Year In Review

 In Achievements

January 1st marks the first day of the new year. A fresh start, but also a time to reflect on 2017 and set up new goals for this year. 2018 is going to be great.

Our club may still be considered relatively new, but in a short period of time we have managed to be very successful. In 18 short months we have achieved significant growth by promoting teamwork, skills through coaching and practice, peer feedback, and objective evaluation. We “Dream Big and Work Hard” and try to push people into thinking they can mix it with the best.

Here is what we have done so far…………

  • We continue to grow. This year we welcomed 8 new members! We are excited to have them as part of our membership. K9Force is a lifelong journey and we look forward to helping them start theirs 😊
  • We finished our clubhouse! I cannot believe that we bought that container a year ago,in the last days of December 2016. Looking back, I think it was the best decision we made! Thanks to everybody who put time, labor, determination and energy- we now have warm and cozy clubhouse to call our own!
  • We continue with our Intro to IPO program.  What a great way to share our skills and knowledge. We now have 5 instructors who are eager to share their passion to the sport with the world!
  • Our Obedience and Rally-O classes is absolute hit! We offer our knowledge as a fundraiser to help our members with seminars costs.
  • We participated in 3 Trials this year and earned:

– 6xBH, 6xAD, TR1, 2nd place IPO2 at the Regionals, High IPO3 in LMGSDC
– Sieger Show: 5x 1st place (2 in a working class), 1x 2nd place, 1x 3rd place

We organized, hosted and participated in so many different events this year!

– Hosted Seminar with Marko Koskensalo for our members and friends.
– Hosted Helper Seminar, where two of our helpers- Zamir and Ernie were noticed and awarded with Club and Entry Level certification.

– Hosted Sieger Show Seminar
– 6 of our members participated in a Regionals Championship and Sieger Show in Saskatoon 1x BH, 1x IPO2, 7x Show Entries

– Ernie and Zamir went to National Helper Seminar where Ernie received “Front Half” certification 6 weeks after receiving his Entry level and Zamir confirmed his Club Level certification
– Our K9Force Team was invited to perform a demonstration at the “Dogs in the Hat” Pet Expo in Medicine Hat.

– We sent Zamir to Quebec to learn development helper work from the very best-Marko Koskensalo.
– Our first Trial Helper Workshop with Darren Pidruchney.

– Second Trial Helper Workshop with Darren Pidruchney

– Hosted Seminar with Marko Koskensalo for our members and friends
– Sheila, Cassandra and Isabella attended CKC Rally-O trial receiving HIT and 2x 2nd place scores
– Third Trial Helper Workshop with Darren Pidruchney

– Club Trial with Doug Deacon – 4x BH, 6x AD, 1x Tr1
– Club Trial- LMGSDC (BC) 1x BH and 1x IPO3

– 5 of our members attended CKC Rally-O trial in Red Deer. Over two days, we received scores of 100(x3), 99(x2), 98, and 88 (all scored out of 100)
– 4th Trial Helper Workshop with Darren Pidruchney
– 7 of our members entered Rally-O Novice A trial, and we took home 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place!

– Trial manager Seminar- we have 8(!) certified Trial Managers now!

Looking towards 2018, we are setting goals- more trials, more titles, more seminars, more laughs, more friendships… more everything! We are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones in 2018!  Plan to attend and enjoy more trials and different events.

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