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Schutzhund club in Calgary

K9 Force Working Dog Club is a non-profit Schutzhund Club located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are a group of dedicated people who devote our time and effort to help our members achieve their goals. Our club provide a training facility, programs and access to competitions.

K9 Force WDC promotes a safe, respectful, and friendly environment to our members. We focus on helping each other to improve and share knowledge. We celebrate everyone’s success as our own.

In order to help sustain our community, a membership fee is applicable. If you have any questions, please email us at info@k9force.ca

Upcoming events

Upcoming classes:

We are excited to announce new classes!
Due to unpredictable weather conditions, all schedules will be updates shortly. Registration

Engagement and relation building – 4 mini workshops
The objectives of these mini- workshops are to improve relation between the owner and the dog, promote mutual understanding and trust, and help the handler to get more attentive and engaged partner on the training field. During the lecture part (first class) we will describe and identify following tribe drives: prey, possession, play and pack drive as well as food drive and their role in training. We will look in details into pack drive and it significance in training process. Practical part will include exercise for building and promoting prey and pack drives. Every dog will be worked individually and handlers will receive homework.

This workshop would be suited to those interested in CKC obedience trialing, Rally-O, police dog training, and Schutzhund / IPO and BH trialing as well as any handlers who wants to improve working relationship with their dog.
Maximum 5 dogs per class.


Wednesday 6-7pm May 2, 9, 16, 23 -Class is FULL

Wednesday 7-8pm May 2,9,16,23 -only two spots left!


Registration: Online
Cost: $150

The class will be back by popular demand later this spring.

This exciting class seeks to support and prepare students who have an aspiration to try competitive dog sport! We’ve put together a lot of interesting course materials and activities, and I hope everyone enjoys their experience in this class.

What is Rally-O? Rally-Obedience is very fun sport and is intended to promote positive relationships between dogs and owners based on trust and respect. Rally-O encourages participation of ALL dogs purebred or mixed breed.

Maximum 10 dogs per class.
Prerequisite: Obedience 101 or evaluation by K9Force instructors
Schedule: TBA
Registration: Online
Cost: $200

Obedience 101
An absolute hit! This course is not just about sit and stay. We will also be covering some of the common behaviour problems such as (but not limited to):
🔸 Aggression
🔸 Reactivity
🔸 Excessive barking
🔸 Jumping
🔸 Biting
🔸 Recall
🔸 and much more!

⭐️See the difference in only 4 weeks! RESULTS GUARANTEED⭐️

This course is open to any breed and age!
Schedule: Sundays at 10am and Thursday at 6pm.
Cost: $200.00

🔷 Registration is now available online! Limited spots available! Register now to reserve your spot!



Classes in progress. Please use this page or our calendar to keep up to date with rescheduled and canceled classes. Remember to always check your email for updates on class changes or cancellations.

Obedience 101- April 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26, 29

This informal, one-day workshop is designed to help the new or beginning exhibitor to learn the basics of the SV conformation ring.

The workshop will cover show ring theory, rules, and regulations. Individual and group practice after lunch and will include a walk through of show elements, including but not limited to
– the tattoo or microchip check,
– examination of teeth, movements,
– stacking your dog, and double handling.

An overview of show ring equipment needs and training considerations prior to any show.

Planning to show your dog at the Regional Sieger Show in June? We have handlers for you and offer 3 ring practices in May!

Planning your breed survey? We can help! Helpers are available to prepare your dog for this exam.
Reserve your handler now! Send us your request! Please include your dog sex and age on a day of the show ( June 2, 2018).

Cost $50


Questions: info@k9force.ca

We are very happy to welcome Jan Böhm in Canada for the first time!
Jan is a world class IPO Competitor and One of the Best “A” grade National Helpers of the Czech Cytological Union. He has been a helper at many prestigious IPO events around the world. Having achieved 2ndPlace at the FCI WM & Czech championships in 2016 with the perfect score of 100 points in Obedience & High scores in protection.

All working spots are reserved for Club members. We will be releasing 10 spectators spots per day on first come- first serve basis.


Don’t miss this opportunity!

Some of the results from last year (2016)
4th place FMBB 2016 98-93/91-93/88 =463V
2nd place FCI WM 2016 90-93-96=279SG
2nd place CZ Championship 2016 92-100-97=289V

Helper Work
World Championship ISPU 2012
Championship Czech Malinois Club 2012
Qualification IPO FCI 2011 & 2012
Czech Championship Box Rtw 2012
Czech Championship IPO CKS 2011
Czech Championship Dobermans 2011

Start your new season on the right foot!
We will offer: BH, IPO 1-3, AD

Registration is now open!

If you want trial for Tracking and/or Obedience only, please contact us. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.


K9Force WDC with the collaboration of Black Gold WDC and GSSCC organized four Trial Helpers Workshops from July to October – 2 in Calgary and 2 in Edmonton and had a total of 6 Trial Helpers participating. We see great value of those workshops and wanted to take a moment to thank Darren Pidruchney for being such a wonderful teacher and creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and room for making mistakes along the way. We are grateful to have you as a guide, leading by example.
We also would like to thank all participants for attending our workshops. We hope you had fun, and we look forward to seeing you at the next event!

What’s next? We will continue to develop Trial Helpers and already planning new events for 2018. Stay tuned!

More information and registration: http://k9force.ca/helper-workshop

Our K9 demos are designed to portray the skill involved in Schutzhund training plus give both children and adults an opportunity to gain knowledge and ask questions about the K9Force WDC. High-level obedience and protection demos are conducted free of charge. The one-on-one interaction encourages children to build trust and respect toward working dogs. The value of these exhibitions has proved immeasurable for everyone. We provide demonstrations to schools, special events and professional organizations and law enforcement entities. Contact us for more details : info@k9force.ca

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Big warm welcome to our newest K9 Force members, Dani and Brick!!!! 🖤❤️

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Our mission

  • Promote the training and testing standards defined by WUSV for Schutzhund/ IPO competitions.
  • Create opportunities for K9 teams to train under individuals with extensive experience.
  • Provide an up-to-date resource for K9 Handlers on Schutzhund/ IPO activities in Calgary and surrounding area, testing standards, local events, training.

What is Schutzhund/IPO?


Schutzhund/IPO is a test started in the 1900s in Germany, designed to identify, test and validate the qualities necessary for a successful working dog. But over time it became a sport.

Translated from German, “Schutzhund” means protection dog, yet the name can be misleading as the protection part is only one of the three disciplines which are tested. The other two disciplines this sport evaluate are tracking and obedience.

Schutzhund is not intended to teach the dog to protect the owner, although some skills involved are similar to those that are taught to the police K-9s. Initially, and basically Schutzhund – is a sport and it is meant to evaluate the dogs’ mental stability, endurance, strength, willingness to work, courage and ability to be trained.

Is it worth it ?

Like any sport, Schutzhund requires dedication. This is not the 8 weeks training course, where the goal can be achieved in a short period of time, and the owner and the dog leave upon expiry. Schutzhund requires several years of work. A Schutzhund competitor trains with the club to which he/she belong from 2 to 5 times a week. The average age of the dog testing for Schutzhund I is 2.5 years. The decision to join a Schutzhund Club and start the training must be taking with consideration of where, how and with whom will you undergo training. Schutzhund is a sport that becomes a lifestyle. It takes years of practice and dedication to reach the higher levels. This applies to both: the dog and the handler. Both of them – a TEAM that is trying to create the perfect dance together. Of course, not every dog can go through all the phases of Schutzhund, but if you are eager and enthusiastic go ahead and let your dog be more balanced, happy and useful companion.

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We’re located Southeast of Calgary, in Rocky View County at the intersection of Hwy 22x East and Range Road 282

Please note that visits are by appointment only.

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