Who are we?

Schutzhund club in Calgary

K9 Force Working Dog Club is a non-profit Schutzhund Club located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are a group of dedicated people who devote our time and effort to help our members achieve their goals. Our club provide a training facility, programs and access to competitions.

K9 Force WDC promotes a safe, respectful, and friendly environment to our members. We focus on helping each other to improve and share knowledge. We celebrate everyone’s success as our own.

In order to help sustain our community, a membership fee is applicable. If you have any questions, please email us at info@k9force.ca.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending our Accreditation Trial.

The event was an incredible success and on behalf of K9 Force WDC Team, I would like to thank you for spending the day with us. It was great to have the opportunity to meet new people and chat with old friends. We also would like to extend special thanks to Darren Pidruchney who joined us on this incredible journey! It was an honor and unforgettable experience to have him judge our event.

I hope you had the chance to meet K9Force Team who put enormous amount of hours preparing for this Accreditation Trial. We continue hearing positive feedback that fuels our enthusiasm and inspires us to move forward.

Once again, I would like to thank you for spending such an enjoyable day with the K9 Force Team and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


K9 Force Working Dog Club is offering a 3 day intensive seminar with Mr. Igor Lengvarsky from September 30 to October 2, 2016. Igor is an exceptional instructor and a judge of International Championship competitions around the world! We are pleased to have the opportunity to host this event. This is an excellent chance to learn from one of the best in this sports!

**Only 2 working spots available!**

K9 Force Working Dog Club is pleased to have the opportunity to host a trial with SV/GSSCC judge Frank Mensing and we are delighted to have you!

Titles offered: BH; IPO 1,2,3; TR 1,2,3; OB 1,2,3; AD (min 3 dogs)

Register early, as limited spots available!

**Save time with online registration**


We are now offering basic pet obedience all year round!  Please visit Virbella.ca for details.

Our mission

  • Promote the training and testing standards defined by WUSV for Schutzhund/ IPO competitions.
  • Create opportunities for K9 teams to train under individuals with extensive experience.
  • Provide an up-to-date resource for K9 Handlers on Schutzhund/ IPO activities in Calgary and surrounding area, testing standards, local events, training.

What is Schutzhund/IPO?


Schutzhund/IPO is a test started in the 1900s in Germany, designed to identify, test and validate the qualities necessary for a successful working dog. But over time it became a sport.

Translated from German, “Schutzhund” means protection dog, yet the name can be misleading as the protection part is only one of the three disciplines which are tested. The other two disciplines this sport evaluate are tracking and obedience.

Schutzhund is not intended to teach the dog to protect the owner, although some skills involved are similar to those that are taught to the police K-9s. Initially, and basically Schutzhund – is a sport and it is meant to evaluate the dogs’ mental stability, endurance, strength, willingness to work, courage and ability to be trained.

Is it worth it ?

Like any sport, Schutzhund requires dedication. This is not the 8 weeks training course, where the goal can be achieved in a short period of time, and the owner and the dog leave upon expiry. Schutzhund requires several years of work. A Schutzhund competitor trains with the club to which he/she belong from 2 to 5 times a week. The average age of the dog testing for Schutzhund I is 2.5 years. The decision to join a Schutzhund Club and start the training must be taking with consideration of where, how and with whom will you undergo training. Schutzhund is a sport that becomes a lifestyle. It takes years of practice and dedication to reach the higher levels. This applies to both: the dog and the handler. Both of them – a TEAM that is trying to create the perfect dance together. Of course, not every dog can go through all the phases of Schutzhund, but if you are eager and enthusiastic go ahead and let your dog be more balanced, happy and useful companion.

Our location

We’re located in Balzac, just north of Calgary, southwest of Airdrie.

Direction: Take Hwy#2 (Deerfoot Tr. N), exit at Cross iron overpass. Turn left onto Hwy 566 towards Balzac. Head east. Once you cross the railroad tracks, at about 6km, turn right onto Range road 14. At about 0.5 km our location is on your right. Take second entrance metal gates down the big hedge till the end and turn right into the field.

Please note that visits are by appointment only.

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